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The "paperwork" for Spring 2020 will all be submitted through Ohio South Youth Soccer using Stack and US Soccer Connect.
**If you played Fall 2019 you do not need to complete this "paperwork" but you should be able to access Team Connect.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! Use your existing Stack Account and Log-In if you already have a Stack Account (everyone who played Fall 18/Spring 19 with us or another OSYSA Club has an accound) 

Click on this link and follow the directions.

Parents and Coaches

Click "Register Now" for First Capital FC Player
*Academy kids will use the bottom button that says "FCFC Academy"

Each parent will create an account with their information.

Then Click on the button "Register Now" then select to register a Competitive Player.

*You can select any age group that fits your son/daughter, we will assign them to the appropriate team.

Follow the steps to submit paperwork and upload images.

Just a reminder that everyone - parents, coaches, admins, etc. - should use the same account login they created in 2018-19 to register for 2019-20, even if they are coming from a different club or league.

On that note, if a player is coming to you from a different club or league, it will appear to your parent as if they are registering as new. They need to push through registration and as long as the information for the kids is the same (name, gender and birthdate), at the end the system will recognize they have the same username and the Age/ID Verification will pull over.