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Apr, 2014

Final Game Schedule

4v4 Teams and Schedules

We have finalized the teams, schedules, and structure for the 4v4, please read carefully.

Monday Training-
We will continue the Monday training sessions throughout the entire season.  Each player and team is encouraged to attend those sessions.  Unlike this past Monday, the sessions will be geared toward teaching skills/techniques and learning the Game.  We will use those sessions to help the coaches with training ideas that they are welcome to do on their own.

- Each team is set up with a “Team Page”, we will post information, rosters, and schedules on these team pages.  A Google Calendar can be embedded by each coach.  We still have some space on a few teams and we are working to fill that space.  If someone is interested in joining your team or you have someone in mind, have them contact me.

You will notice that some teams have a coach’s last name listed with their team.  Those are coaches who have offered to coach teams but those volunteers need to “Volunteer” on their account in order to be added as a Head Coach.  Once they have done that, they will have full access to editing their team page and viewing their rosters with contact information etc…  PLEASE DO THAT ASAP IF YOU ARE COACHING!!

Some Teams still need coaches-
If your team name is CYSL-1, CYSL-2, CYSL-3, or CYSL-4 that means we do not currently have a coach for your team.  Hopefully a parent from those teams will volunteer to help out.  They will help manage the substitutions during games and run extra practices with just the “Team” Please email if you are interested.  For this week, I will act as the Head Coach of those teams.

The games will be played primarily on Saturday mornings but also some weeknight and Friday evening games for groups that have requested that schedule.  The games will be refereed and the rules are posted on the CYSL Website.  We may be very flexible with the players during games.  I know this is a hard concept to understand, but we believe in ultimate teamwork and synergy.  Thus every player in the league may be asked to switch teams during the course of a Saturday morning game.  This will allow us some control over the competitive balance and ensure that the games are as fun as possible.  We have done our best to keep a balance between fun, friends, and balanced competition but please be patient and flexible!

- Every player will be provided 2 Shirts, one Red and one White.  Both of these shirts should be with the players during games in case they are asked to switch.  The schedule shows which team is supposed to wear which color when arriving for games. Please have the players wear black shorts and socks over the shin guards.

We are expecting to play most of our games on the left side of the Annex, where we met the other night.  Fields #5, #6, and #9.  Occasionally we will use the #7 and #8 on the other side.

Week  1 Schedule- Saturday April 12th

Field #5 Field #9 Field #6
Red White Red White Red White
9:00 Campbell 2 Campbell 1 Wood Ford CYSL-1 CYSL-2
10:00 Beeson Lozada Johnson Lynch Breth-1 Breth-2

Week  2 Schedule- Friday 4/25 and Saturday 4/26
Field #9 Field #6
Red White Red White
Friday 4/25/14
5:30 CYSL-3 Beeson
6:30 Wood CYSL- 2 CYSL- 1 Ford
Saturday 4/26/14
9:00 Lynch Lozada
10:00 Johnson CYSL- 4

Week  3 Schedule- Wednesday April 30th and Saturday May 3rd
Wednesday 4/30/14 Field #5
Red White
6:30 Ford Campbell
6:30 Wood Campbell
Field #9 Field #6
Friday 5/02/14 Red White Red White
6:30 Campbell Wood Campbell CYSL- 2
Field #9 Field #6
Saturday 5/03/14 Red White Red White
9:00 Lozada CYSL-4 Beeson Johnson
10:00 Lynch CYSL-3 Ford CYSL- 1

Week  4 Schedule- Friday May 9th and Saturday May 10th

Field #9 Field #6
Friday 5/09/14 Red White Red White
6:30 Ford Campbell CYSL- 2 Campbell
Field #9 Field #6
Saturday 5/10/14 Red White Red White
9:00 CYSL-4 Johnson Lynch Beeson
10:00 CYSL-3 Lozada Wood CYSL- 1

Final Schedule- Monday 19th, Wednesday 21st, Friday 23rd

Field #9 Field #6 Field #5
Monday 5/19/14 Red White Red White Red White
5:30 Johnson Lynch CYSL-3 CYSL-4 Campbell- 1 Ford
6:30 Beeson Lozada Wood CYSL- 1 & 2 Campbell- 2 Ford
Field #9 Field #6 Field #5
Wednesday 5/21/14 Red White Red White Red White
5:30 Lynch Wood Cheek Campbell 1 CYSL-4 Beeson
6:30 Johnson Lozada CYSL- 1 & 2 Campbell 2 CYSL-3 Ford
Field #9 Field #6 Field #5
Friday 5/23/14 Red White Red White Red White
5:30 CYSL-4 Lynch Wood Ford CYSL- 2 CYSL- 1
6:30 Johnson Lozada Campbell- 1 Campbell- 2 Beeson CYSL-3